Dinner with the Family Foodie

How do the foodies in our house survive given the challenges presented by highly divergent and demanding taste buds coupled with strong opinions?  We compromise.  A glimpse into our dinner tonight will demonstrate how.  It will also document how we are trying to do our small part to contribute to saving the planet.  So, my current reading material is Diet for a Hot Planet (review to follow once I finish it on The Bookshelf).  Having read the first two chapters, and feeling a need to “take action,”  I wanted to see how a  typical weeknight dinner fit with Lappé’s action principles.

On the MENU:

                Chilled Lettuce Soup

                Potato Tortilla, served with sour cream and salsa

                Sweet Potato Fries

                French Bread

Principle 1: Reach for real food.  We’re doing okay on this one, I think. Lettuce, organic vegetable broth, onions, eggs, sweet potatoes, and French bread.  Except I wonder – the French bread is from a Pillsbury tube – does that count as real food?

Principle 2: Put plants on your plate.  Okay, this is a vegetarian feast – and the broth in the soup is vegetable, not chicken, per the recipe that inspired it from today’s New York Times.

Principle 3: Don’t panic, go organic.  The vegetable broth is certified organic, and most of the produce is from the Arlington Courthouse Farmer’s Market.  But the eggs and the cream and the butter and the olive oil are all from the supermarket, and are not organic.

Principle 4: Lean toward local. This meal definitely leans toward the local.  From the farmer’s market, we are using: lettuce, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes. The salsa used is a local product from New Mexico, brought by a friend from New Mexico.  Does that count as local when we live outside of DC?  Anybody know?

Principle 5: Finish your peas…. the ice caps are melting. Well, the chilled lettuce soup was prepared because my fridge froze my lettuce, and it just wasn’t going to work as salad.  The hard boiled eggs that our picky eater consumed are from the Easter egg hunt completed on Sunday.  But, I didn’t compost everything that I know I should have because the gardener’s not home, and I’m not quite sure what I could and should put in the compost.

Principle 6: Send packaging packing.  Given the veggie focus, packaging is relatively light – but the eggs were in Styrofoam containers not good.  The seltzer water that we served with dinner came from our Sodastream machine – no bottled water!

Principle 7: DIY food.  Other than the French bread loaf, everything else was prepared at home from scratch!! Yeah!! Of course, I had time to cook tonight…..

So, what do you think?  How are we doing?  We are certainly sustaining ourselves with this meal…and hopefully helping the globe along a little too.


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