Leanin’ Toward Local

For our family, the most fun part about the “lean toward local” principle is that it begins every week with a trip to the Farmer’s Market.  If we don’t start our Saturday there, the whole weekend is ruined.  Fortunately, with the beautiful weather, going to the market is even more fun. We clearly aren’t alone in our devotion to the market – the Arlington Courthouse Farmers’ Market was buzzing with folks on Saturday.  Although this is a year-round market, with the arrival of spring, more farmers opened today, and there were even lines at many stalls! 

Our bags were heavy at the end of the trip – here’s what we took home with us, and the farmers we visited.  Eggs and bacon, from EcoFriendly Foods; fresh mozzarella from Blue Ridge Dairy; feta from Fields of Grace Farm; spinach; salad mix from Red Rake Farm; two loaves of bread from country white and cranberry pecan from Atwaters; and then sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, apples,  and apple cider from Twin Springs Fruit Farm.  What’s great, and what makes us eager for next Saturday, is that we’ve already consumed the bread, all but two eggs, the bacon, the mozzarella, most of the cider, a third of the salad, and half of the sweet potatoes!  With five of us, it’s amazing how quickly the food disappears…


One Comment to “Leanin’ Toward Local”

  1. If it’s strawberries, the food often disappears in the car on the way home…

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