Asparagus is here

Asparagus rulesI jumped with joy when I saw that Westmoreland was back at the market, and that there were buckets and buckets of asparagus.  Local asparagus is so sweet and delicious and lovely… a little olive oil, some Chesapeake Bay sea salt, and a 400 degree oven … is it time for dinner yet?!  But I digress. 

More and more farmers are coming to the market, and we are having great fun seeing the market grow to it’s full growing season size.  The market is very green right now – lots of salad greens, mesculin, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, kale, cilantro, green onions.  This past week has been busy in our house, so we still have some arugula and spinach, but we needed our weekly fix of salad fixin’s.

What else?  We loved the mozzarella balls from Blue Ridge Dairy so much last week – a new item for us – that I was sent with a special request to get more. I decided to buy some of their fresh unsalted butter to try on the wonderful bread from Atwater’s that must be purchased every week.  We also purchased some maitake mushrooms from Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms  — the plan is to sautee those  in the fresh butter, and serve them with a grilled flat iron steak from Emerald Family Farms, and sweet potato fries (still have sweet potatoes from last week’s shop).  If I’m really lucky, I’ll convince the man of the house to make an apple pie with our apples from Toigo

We didn’t make it to the market in time to get eggs, but we do have some pork sausages and fresh bread that will be accompanied by fresh feta cheese and apple cider for Sunday morning breakfast.  Then the rest of the week, we’ll enjoy the Middle Eastern cucumbers as a snack or in salads, fresh mozzarella the rest of our greens in salads, and our bounty.  Right now it feels like living the local life is easy….and we are incredibly grateful that we have an active farming community to make it possible.  All that’s left to say is “Yum.”


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