Grass-fed beef

isn’t chewy, tastes like grass, is delicious, flavorful, and… tastes just like regular steak.  Oh well, four out of five noticed a difference!  We purchased a flat-iron steak from Emerald Family Farms at the market on Saturday (brought to the farmer’s market by EcoFriendly Foods), and served it last night.  We prepared it simply – quick fried in butter in the cast-iron pan, served with onions (also fried in butter…), basmati, sauteed spinach with garlic, and a green salad.  Everything from the market except the garlic, rice, and the salad dressing!  Buying meat at the farmer’s market is not actually something we’ve done typically, but since we’re trying to eat meatless meals more regularly and becoming more aware of the horrors of industrial meat production, we’ve made it a priority to be more mindful of where the meat we eat comes from.  Thus, the grass-fed beef.  If you haven’t had any, it’s absolutely worth every penny.

I think that we’ll have to buy some more next week.


2 Comments to “Grass-fed beef”

  1. Whaddup peeps!

    Speak of the devil, the famous Joel Salatin (is he famous?) came by JMU for earth week, and he gave a brief talk this evening. We’ve already learned a bit about him in class, but he was a pretty entertaining katt. It’s hard to tell if he is attempting to lay the foundation for a new agricultural revolution, or if he’s just tryin’ to make some money…either way his food is da bomb! Just thought I’d mention.

    Your regularly-blogreading relative,

  2. I’ve heard that grass-fed beef also has about 30% to 40% less chloestorol than the industrial beef. I have some aerial shots of a beef farm in Texas, if you would like to post!!

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