Groceries at the library

So this was not what I planned to blog about, but I just ran across this on FB …and since it brings together two of my passions, I had to post about it.  For those of us fortunate to have access to farmer’s markets, multiple excellent grocery stores, and more speciality stores than fingers on two hands, it is easy to forget that many many individuals don’t have access to these basic sources of healthy food.  So, when I read this NPR article about Baltimore making it possible for people to order their groceries and then pick them up at the local library, I needed to post about it. Reading is as basic to life (at least by my count) as is “real food” (according to most everyone!).  Why not provide a reason to come to the library and a means to have access to the foundational food that many of us take for granted?  So, to learn more about this innovative solution to food deserts, read more here and think about what you can do to improve access to healthy food for those who need it most.


One Comment to “Groceries at the library”

  1. I heard this story on NPR yesterday afternoon. Thought it was a great idea too!

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