Meatless Miercoles

As recommended in some of my favorite reads, Diet for a Hot Planet and Food Matters,  we have been trying to purposefully plan at least one meatless meal/day a week, and I thought that we could try Meatless Mondays.  However, Meatless Monday didn’t happen this week (there were some ribs defrosted over the weekend that just needed to be cooked…), but the adults had a Meatless Martes, and we all had a Meatless Miercoles.  I’m pretty sure that trying to reduce your footprint on the planet by having meatless meals isn’t restricted to Monday, right?  So what did we eat?  Last night, we had a mushroom-spinach pizza (frozen, I fear), with a side of sautéed mitake mushrooms and wonderful salad from the market.  The kids had cheese tortellini, but the boys had a homemade tomato-meatball sauce.  The ribs were gone too, so I’m pretty sure someone had those for lunch!

Tonight, we all accomplished the meatless goal.  We made one of our favorites, red lentils and rice, based on a Mark Bittman recipe, from How to Cook Everything I have been noticing that variants on red lentil dal were recently featured on the Tea & Cookies blog, and in Eat My Globe, and was glad that one of our basic meatless meals is enjoyed by so many.  If you haven’t tried to prepare red lentils, I highly recommend them.  Quick, easy, delicious, and amenable to many different palates – key requirements for a weeknight dinner in our house. Accompanied by farmer’s market spinach sautéed with garlic, and the original Major Grey’s Mango Chutney, and a lovely malbec, it was just what we all wanted. Well, what most of us wanted. I must note that the picky eater had sunny side up eggs and toast, and asserted that she is not a food separatist, because, she said, she was dipping her toast in her eggs.  Her older brother then asked her about lasagna…her response:  eeew!  Ah well, we will continue to encourage her to taste new foods, and will wait to see what’s on her plate when she is 25.


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