Succulent Strawberries

and more at the Courthouse market this morning.  The twins came with us to the market today, and our picky eater was swooning over the strawberries (or maybe that was just the morning heat – it’s summer here in NoVA!).  She was given photography tasks this morning, so her pictures are featured in today’s blog.  Westmoreland Berry Farm is one of our favorite vendors at the market, and our shopping always begins at their stall.  Today we were greeted by spring onions, asparagus, and rows and rows of strawberries.  As everyone who shops at the farmer’s market knows, freshly picked asparagus tastes nothing like out-of-season asparagus that comes from Chile.  We have not even been tempted to prepare the asparagus in any fancy ways – steamed or roasted makes it perfect. 

EcoFriendly Foods wasn’t there this week, and weren’t there last week, so we decided to try some buffalo halfsmokes from Cibola Farms.  They were lunch today…and so have already been consumed.  One small criticism from the sausage expert–they tasted more like Italian sausage than a halfsmoke – but I’m going to encourage a weekly sausage purchase from them so that we can try all the different types.  

We also got our first tomatoes – some sungolds from Twin Springs we’ll use them with the middle eastern cucumbers and feta to make one of our favorite salads this week (just add a little Annie’s Goddess dressing to the veggies and cheese, and serve with a loaf of Atwater’s Country White, and really who needs anything else for lunch?).

It’s always fun to shop with the kids because then we have an excuse to stop at The Holy Grael of Sorbet.  The lime sorbet is wonderful, but I know that the kids can’t wait until we’re further into berry season when the range of flavors will expand.

Another week, another fridge full of the freshest local produce we can find.  Beyond what is described above, we’ll thrive on salad greens, basil, spinach, sweet potatoes, smoked gouda, apple cider, and mitake mushrooms. Dinner at the Family Foodie promises much this week…and I, for one, am ready for the strawberry-rhubarb pie that has been promised to me.  Check back for photos.


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