An Addition to Our Tradition: The Falls Church Farmer’s Market

We love the farmer’s market. It is a Saturday morning ritual in our house.  And we usually go to the Arlington Courthouse market.  We have our regular vendors that we visit there, and part of the joys of local food is that you know your vendors.  But our friends and family members have been encouraging us to visit the Falls Church market.  Finally, after years of prodding, the promise of crepes lured us there yesterday morning.  In fact, the crepes incentivized the whole clan, and all five of us plus one friend descended upon the market.

 Not five minutes from our house, the market was full of people and produce and music.  We’ve had a warm and wet spring here in the DC area and the stalls are overflowing with greens, and squash, and asparagus (I was fortunately wrong – the season isn’t over quite yet), and fennel, and cabbage, and tomatoes, I could go on, but I won’t.  We were pleased to find that many of our regular vendors were there, and easily got everything on our list and more.

What we really enjoyed, though, was wandering through the stalls and realizing that there is a world of locally prepared foods begging to be tasted.  Because the crepes were what drew us there, they were the prepared foods to try and they were everything we wanted – lovely fluffy crepes, fresh fillings – both sweet and savory – treats for us all.  The kids were happy, and so were the grownups.  Next time, we go, we’ll try the empanadas and the crabcakes, and the time after that the pasta, and then the wine, and the chocolate truffles….

But we did miss Westmoreland, and EcoFriendly Foods…alternating weeks to satisfy our tastebuds may be the only solution, because two farmer’s markets on Saturday morning might be a little out of control…


2 Comments to “An Addition to Our Tradition: The Falls Church Farmer’s Market”

  1. Isn’t it nice to know you have so many options??

    • It absolutely is a wonderful thing. When I think about other places where we’ve lived and the challenges of finding local produce there, I count my lucky stars that we live here!

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