Picky no more?!

Loyal readers, the picky eater prepared the meal pictured here with her dad last night…. and ate every last bite.  Something appears to have happened while I have been focused on the chaos of my day job.  So, I came home last night after a long day, and the house was quiet.  I walked into the kitchen to say hello and found the picky eater engaged in intense food preparation with her dad.  There were two large chicken breasts being thinly sliced, a pile of lemon basil waiting to be chopped, a farmer’s market peach, and multiple cherry tomatos from our garden.  As I watched, they prepared an herb crust with zatar and lemon herb seasoning and lemon basil, prepared not one, but two salsas (one sweet and one tangy), and sauteed the seasoned chicken pieces. 

Prepared and served beautifully, the best part of this entire meal was that the picky eater not only shared in the cooking, but sat down and ate the entire thing, chicken and both salsas.  I am still in awe, and not really sure how long this will last, but it was really fun to watch her dive into the process and eating with such enthusiasm!


2 Comments to “Picky no more?!”

  1. that looks delicious! and i am so proud of you know who!

  2. ditto from aunt #2!!

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