Moving into the MidAtlantic Midsummer….CSA Week 7

So, it’s week 7 for our CSA….and the eating will be good this week. We are moving to mid-summer produce.  Corn and tomatos, as well as chard, squash, lettuce, basil, carrots, and cucumbers.  The picture below only captures some of what was in our overflowing bag this afternoon. Some of the corn and the lettuce have been consumed already…and I need to plan the use of the remaining ears of corn  – not enough for each of us to have an ear, but plenty to use as a key ingredient to something else…perhaps a black bean salad?!  I imagine that there will be more pesto prepared, as well as our “standard”  cucumber, tomato, and feta salad (maybe with some corn tossed in), sauteed Swiss chard, zucchini bread…and I think that I’d really like to try the summer squash fritters that were on our CSA’s newsletter a couple of weeks ago.  I also saw a recipie for a zucchini and tomato tart that I want to try…. And we’ll have to serve some thick sliced tomatos with basil and balsamic vinegar for salad one night.  And for the carrots, we should make the honey carrot medallions that are such a hit with the picky eater.  Ahh… I think I’m getting into the menu planning space that my fellow blogger at Married….with Dinner recommended.

Too bad I can’t spend all day tomorrow cooking….but let’s raise our collective glasses to the bounty of a MidAtlantic midsummer.


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