Eating the Rainbow – CSA Week 8


It’s so easy to eat well when the colors of the rainbow all come in one quite heavy bag.  I’ve been thinking about eating nutritiously as of late, and remembered one of my favorite ways to make sure that we were doing that…making sure that our plates are multi-colored.  As you sing along to ROY G. BIV, here’s the rainbow in our CSA bag, with a little help from the farmer’s market.

  • Red:  Tomatoes
  • Orange: (okay this is from the market, not the CSA) – peaches, cantaloupe, and carrots from last week’s CSA
  • Yellow:  corn, yellow squash from last week’s CSA, onions
  • Green:  swiss chard, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, squash, cabbage from prior week’s CSAs
  • Blue:  and there are blueberries from the market in the fridge
  • Indigo: blackberries
  • Violet: eggplant, red onions

As you can see, the rainbow lives in the Family Foodie’s house.  Now, it’s time to follow the rainbow to the pot of gold at the end.


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