Back to the CSA

You don’t know how lucky are….

Nothin’ like a little music to sing along to.  After missing two weeks of our CSA because of vacation, I was totally psyched to get back to DC to pick up our CSA.  Who would imagine how much I would miss my weekly produce allottment…

What was in the bag this week?

  • Lots of tomatoes (it’s August after all)
  • A salsa kit
  • Two beautiful round eggplants
  • Several ruby-colored heads of lettuce
  • Three cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Sweet red peppers
  • Fennel
  • Thai basil
  • and some greens.

It’s been so fun to jump back in and figure out how to use the treasure of the CSA delivery.  Okay so maybe that’s a bit overstated – but that’s what I’m currently feeling!  Here’s how we’ve been making good use of it.

1. Grilled eggplants and red peppers (seasoned with dried orange mint from our garden)

2. Pasta served with fresh tomato sauce (no cooking necessary – just a little tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, onions, garlic…) and parmesan!!

3. Tomato, cucumber, feta salad

4. Green bean, dried shitake mushroom, fresh cremini mushroom stir fry served with Exotic rice blend from “The Valley Pantry”; ruby-red salad with cucumbers and fennel

5. Salsa served with torta.

What remains?

Random greens

Some fennel

Some Thai basil

Yippee yeah!


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