Picky Eater Meal Plan

I try not to isolate one of my kids too much when I blog, but tonight’s dinner merits a post.  For dinner, we had a simple meal plan: steak (marinated over the course of the day in a sesame-soy dressing), sweet potato fries, and a salad which incorporated arugula, fennel, yellow peppers, and yellow squash from the CSA.  Simple, sweet, and to the point.  I even cut up extra yellow peppers and put them in a bowl separately for my picky eater.  No contact between the sweet potato fries and the steak on the plate. And then, she comes to the table, takes four sweet potato fries, eats her yellow peppers, puts her head down and refuses to touch her steak.

At this point, her dad asks her if she’s going to eat her steak and fries.  No response. Again he asks. Again the silent treatment.  Finally, he says, that she needs to let him know if she’s going to eat or not.  If not, he says, then she will need to prepare her own dinner.  A head shake signals no, she gets up, and this is what she comes back to the table with:

What, you might ask, is this?!?!  Salami, ham, melted swiss cheese, between two cinnamon toast Eggos.  I don’t know what to say, other than she won’t go to bed hungry, and she did also eat half of a fresh yellow pepper.


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