Neophobia – really!?!

So, I read this wonderful blog earlier this evening, included on CheapHealthyGood’s Top Ten Links for the Week, from The Ethicurean, called Neophobia 101.  Really, it’s about picky eaters (who are apparently afraid of that which is new – if my Latin serves), and a mom and her 4-year-old.   I just laughed out loud and had to share it with my husband – given the challenges we confront on a daily basis – and our lovely daughter is close to 12.  See the post, for example, on what our daughter chose to make when sent to the kitchen to prepare her own dinner.  Although she has become better with age, she often chooses to eat only on the white to yellow color spectrum.  The only place where you can be guaranteed color in her diet is with fruit.  I know that some of this is a function of her more sensitive taste buds, but it is one of the most difficult parenting challenges we face.  And her brothers are nothing like her. But she’s healthy, and keeps on growing, so I try to remember the positive, and keep on presenting her with multiple options — and realizing that sometimes not telling her what’s in dinner is the best path (shh…we had spinach-feta pierogies tonight and she had everything she was originally served and then went back for seconds and thirds….).


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