Thrive! An Exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden

In May, one of my fellow bloggers, The Dirty Radish, mentioned that the U.S. Botanic Garden had a new exhibit about gardening.  Now that it’s September, and many of the tourists are gone, the Family Foodie decided to give the exhibit a visit.  Disclaimer here: we love the Botanic Garden, and typically visit it multiple times (especially when it is cold).  But this exhibit is great, because it’s all outside, and it provided us with plenty of inspiration about what we could do in our yard.  This post is mostly about pics.  If you live in the DC area, and haven’t yet been, I highly recommend it!

Featured gardens are:

Medicinal Garden – cinnamon and foxglove are two of the plants featured here, who have roles in medicine.

World Flavors – we learned what goes into za’tar – one of our most favorite spices.

Living Walls — these were extremely cool.  If you need to garden vertically, these walls are for you.

Cutting Garden – not much happening here on a September morning – some purple flowers designed for dried arrangements

Kitchen Garden – Lots of wonderful vegetables here, but I was particularly taken by the yellow-striped eggplant, and the various shades of purple plants planted here!

Beverage Garden

Townhouse Garden – there was a little blueberry plant in the townhouse gardens – the kids think we should grow some in our backyard…

If you’re in the DC area, give it a visit – beautiful to see, and good gardening ideas to boot.


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