Fruits and Veggies Rule, Except If You’re American

Okay, well in our house they rule, but apparently that is untrue in most American households. If you haven’t read the NPR story, and the associated comments (especially fascinating if you like NPR on Facebook), and you care about eating healthy, feeding a family, and think that budget is a reason why folks don’t eat fruits and veggies…read it.

The goal, set 10 years ago, was to have Americans eat two fruits a day, and three vegetables a day. Apparently, most Americans can’t/don’t do that.  And Tennessee is the best in the country, where 1/3rd of adults meet that goal…and DC has declined significantly since these goals were set.

Here is my response on the FB comment list:

“so these comments made me so hungry for more veggies that I had to go and prepare a yellow squash, tomato, and cheese casserole for me, my husband, and my three teenagers. A variant on this particular dish was served to four teenagers who …devoured it and wanted more.
I post this comment as part of a two-working parent home, with three kids, and many child-aged friends, who offers fruits and/or vegetables at every meal. It can be expensive, and it does require time and energy to make sure that it happens, but the cost of adding fruits and veggies to the diet can be managed. But you need to care. It is hard to care if you are worried about the rent and work and all the many other things that people who are struggling are focused on. But teaching my children about how to eat healthy meals, and about what only eating junk food can do to your body and health, and making sure that I am alive to shepard them into and through adulthood is part of my responsibility as a parent. It’s hard, but we all need to work together to make it an attainable goal for EVERYONE.”
Okay – so maybe too preachy – but I do have a blog focused exactly on this issue!
Now it’s your turn:

One Comment to “Fruits and Veggies Rule, Except If You’re American”

  1. The Farmer’s Market at Columbia Pike is better. I went there today with Dad. Got some really lovely tomatoes, yellow and red.

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