Midweek Musings

Time to take a deep breath, and assess whether menu planning has helped us move smoothly through this very full week, and helped us reduce waste by eating all the yummy fresh produce before it turns into yucky not-so-fresh produce.

And, the answer is “yes”!

It’s Wednesday, and we have followed the plan pretty closely so far, and there have been no complaints about dinner so far this week – that, in and of itself, is a victory I’d love to repeat every week.

On Sunday, I made chicken noodle soup with the carcas from the roasted chicken we’d had earlier the prior week; used some farmer’s market potatos, and celery and garlic from our CSA.

On Monday, we made a variant on a vegetable and chickpea curry from Cooking Light – did it on the stove, rather than in the slow cooker.  It was good – and was a great way to use many many vegetables that needed cooking – onions, sweet potatoes, red peppers, hot peppers, green beans – but will need additional tweaking to make it a regular in our house.  It does reheat very well for lunch.

On Tuesday, the man of the house prepared Italian sausage and fusilli for the kids before the first back-to-school night, and used the tomatos to make his favorite tomato-cucumber-feta salad (an all garden/CSA/market salad).

And tonight, we made a squash, tomato, and provolone (instead of feta) bake; accompanied by some baked chicken breasts.  Easy to prepare before the second back-to-school night.  Even better, as I was walking out the door, the Picky Eater cried out, “Mom, can I make some brownies for dessert?”.   I was more than happy to respond in the affirmative.

The short ribs are defrosted for tomorrow’s meal, and I am feeling ready for the remainder of the week.  Emotional benefits of meal planning have definitely been realized.

And on another note, I really enjoyed Bittman’s description of his week in the Times this morning – online versions of “Eating Solo” are available.  Mr. Bittman certainly eats  his quota of fruits and veggies!


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