A Winning Farmer’s Market

Did you vote for the Falls Church Farmers’ Market in the American Farmland Trust competition to identify America’s favorite farmer’s markets?  I know that we did – although we have an ongoing debate in our house about whether to go to the  Falls Church or Arlington Courthouse Market on Saturday morning.  The kids always always want to go to Falls Church, because there are crepes.  But Courthouse has Westmoreland and the sorbet guy and the cheese guy (the Picky Eater has decided to contribute her two cents to this blog…).

But on Saturday, only the Picky Eater was awake in time to go to the market, and we knew that the Falls Church market had just won, so we decided to go to Falls Church on Saturday.


  • So, after we had our crepes, we shopped.

And we got lots and lots of vegetables.

We saw peppers, and tomatos, and pumpkins,

and flowers,

and lots of Virginia grown produce.

And we came home with about$65.oo worth of produce, fruits and vegetables,

and meat,

and bread and cider…

And, 3 days later, what remains in our pantry?

  • All of the sweet potatoes
  • Some arugula
  • A few tomatoes
  • Half a red onion
  • Cilantro
  • Half a loaf of bread
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • The broccoli stems….

It is an amazing and wonderful thing to realize that the green beans were devoured last night – and the Picky Eater kept trying to take green beans from her brothers; the cider was gone yesterday; the sweet bologna and bacon were gone before mid-day Sunday… No time to meal plan — we’ve just been busy consuming all the freshness we brought home.


One Comment to “A Winning Farmer’s Market”

  1. My new favorite farmer;s market is Columbia Pike on Sunday. Never crowded (but no crepes!)

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