Livin’ Local Is Easy …

After dutifully fulfilling those morning sustenance requirements, we shopped.  After $70, we had bread, and, meat, and milk, and eggs, and fruits, and veggies, to supplement all that we have already in the house.  A quick swing by our local ice cream shop to purchase locally roasted coffee, and a later swing by our local beer/wine/butcher shop to purchase the North Mountain Chamboucin Shenandoah Valley wine currently being consumed…and our shopping was done. 

It is so easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to quickly and enjoyably purchase all of this wonderful local food.  Whenwe lived in Chicago, we did not shop at the farmer’s market.  And when in Southern California the market wasn’t part of our regular routine.  In Bolivia, the local markets (bread, produce, meat) were necessary and all visited as a function of need (without refrigeration in our house for part of our time there, daily shopping was required). In Massachussetts, I don’t even know where the local markets were.

But returning to Arlington meant that the farmer’s market is again a part of our weekly routine.  And now, we have many more markets, and other locations, to purchase locally produced food any day of the week.  And that is good.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to the  Sugarloaf Craft Festival, and eat more locally produced food – and see the amazing things our local artisans produce.  And, if I’m really really lucky, maybe I can convince the Family Foodie to visit the Moutoux Orchard to learn more about locally produced grains, flour, and their Winter CSA….


2 Comments to “Livin’ Local Is Easy …”

  1. These photos look like Peale Still Lifes. They are beautiful. I think we mostly used the Arlington Markets, sometimes in Scotland, the local markets since there was not much of a farmer’s market, but lots of little markets, butcher shops and fish shops. The beef and the Halibut was excellent and fresh. Chicken was pretty good. We shopped on the economy. I did a fair amount of that in Japan also. The milk was enhanced with coconut milk. It tasted funny.


    • Thanks for the note! Taking pictures is really fun – my compositions must be influenced by all the Peale still lifes that surrounded me growing up!

      One day I’d love to go back to Innellan and Japan and remember those days.

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