Art and Science at the Sugarloaf Craft Festival

Who’s ready to shop for Christmas?  I’m not quite ready, but a visit to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival certainly got me thinking about who needs gifts, and who might really enjoy something from the festival. Do you know someone who might need an adult-sized rocking horse?

Well that one was already sold by the time we got there on Sunday afternoon, but if you think it looks cool, you could see if The Boss Rocker will be exhibiting at the Festival when it comes back to Gaithersburg in November (19, 20, 21st).  I plan to be there again, and this time I’ll have my list in hand (planning works for meals and the holidays too!!). 

We (or perhaps I) had been wanting to visit the Sugarloaf Craft Festival for years, and when a reader of our blog offered us tickets, I accepted (friendly readers, the FTC requires that we acknowledge gifts).  I want to thank and acknowledge that gift, and now, let me share with you about our visit to the craft festival.

The Festival is a juried craft festival which holds shows in the Mid-Atlantic and New England throughout the year.  Pre-kids, we would regularly visit arts and craft festivals in the cities where we lived, but have not been regular visitors in recent years. But as the kids are older now, they are more willing partners in this sort of an event, and individual preferences lead them to unique stalls—many that we might never have considered—

The Picky Eater and I took the slow road through the jewelry stalls, considering earrings and rings and nifty necklaces.  She and her brother were fascinated to learn how the gentlemen at Symmetry Tile Works made their glazed tiles – incorporating flower stems, and sea stars, and dragon flies into their tiles, and using recycled glass to glaze the tiles.  The Picky Eater got to make her own impression in a tile, and was ready to buy enough of the completed tiles to tile her entire room.  Check out the images of their tiles on their photo gallery.

You could outfit a kitchen with pottery and wooden serving implements and cutting boards and bowls, and fill the cabinets with family-produced maple syrup (yum!!), and olive oil, and herbs, and jams…and you could even purchase a beautiful dining room table and chairs and hutch.

The boys were focused on wood and metal kitchen implements from Sharp Chef, and photos of the universe from Galactic Images (which made the Berry Hater very very happy), and, of course the Festival fare. 

How could you possibly turn down the offer of meatball-on-a-stick,

or barbeque pork sandwich with a smoothie,

or sweet potato fries?

A beautiful day filled with delicious food and impressive crafts and good company.  Works for me as a weekend event. 

Does anyone have favorite vendors that they visit at Sugarloaf?  I’d love to hear about them.


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