Fantastic Fall Colors

at the farmer’s market this past weekend, that really put us all in the mood for the brisk turn that the first of November brought to Northern Virginia.

The most amazing colors of the day had to be the “cheddar cauliflower” and the purple bok choy (okay, that’s not really it’s name — I just can’t remember it!).  But the carrots are amazingly orange, and delicious, and the fresh ginger is something I’ve never ever seen before.  And since we use it all the time it’s golden. Speaking of golden – the Bartlett pears that are featured on top of the fruit bowl were all eaten within two hours of being brought into the house.  I am amazed at the rate at which fruit is consumed in our household.

So to add to the abundance of vegetables, fruits, and seasonings in our basket, we also needed additional foundational foods – bread, bologna, ham, eggs, mushrooms …

Each of these beautifully colored and flavored foods will guarantee an amazing week of eating.

So far – here’s where they’ve been featured:

Saturday: Mushroom Omelets, Toasted Bread, Pears; Bologna Sandwiches on Bread

Sunday: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup – onions, carrots, carrot tops, celery (from CSA), peppers (from last farmer’s market trip); Tomato, Apple, Cilantro salad

Monday: Lentils and Rice were featured, with a crisp garlic/ginger crunchy topping; favorite Sauteed Green Beans (sesame oil is the key); followed by Apple Pie

Tonight we’ll have pasta with the country ham and garlic, served with a wonderful green salad (that will include the mixed greens and arugula we got on Saturday).

Tomorrow it’s the man of the house’s birthday – so all bets are off!

Then, the remainder of the week, we’ll need to prepare the bok choy, and the beautiful cauliflower, maybe make some zucchini bread…I’m not sure yet…but we’ll keep you posted.

Stay warm all, and here’s hoping your eating is as colorful as ours!


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