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January 10, 2011

Eating Well on a Budget, According to… ELMO! (via Capital Spice)

Those of you who don’t follow Capital Spice might find this interview both entertaining and thought provoking…

Eating Well on a Budget, According to... ELMO! While the blessed and food-obsessed among us are craftily plotting how to be even more selective about what we eat in 2011, nearly 17 million American children (roughly one in four) are “food insecure,” meaning they do not have access to food that meets basic nutritional needs due to their home’s financial situation.  It’s a sobering thought, e … Read More

via Capital Spice

January 8, 2011

The Fruit Hater Meets The Clementine

One of dearly beloved children really doesn’t like fruit.  He will tolerate apples and pears, but not much else.  However, he lives with many fruit adorers, and they are always befuddled by his dislike.  But this has been true for many years, and we’ve grown accustomed to his not-so-typical way of being in the world.

But the other night, we were discussing the fruit and vegetable crisis in the U.S. (yes, we really were), and everyone was listing their fruit and veggie consumption for the day, and out of the blue, he said, “I’m going to try a clementine.”

I think you could have heard a pin drop at the table.

We all looked at each other, and released a collective, “Really?!?”

“Uh huh”, he said.

And then, his dad went and picked out the perfect clementine from our rapidly diminishing stash, and peeled it for The Fruit Hater.

And then he sectioned it.

And then, The Fruit Hater picked it up.

A sniff, a pause, a second sniff, some tips delivered from the fruit lovers about the best way to eat clementines, and then, the first small bite, a corner.  And then an enormous grin that I really wished I could have photographed spread across his face.

“What do you think?” we all asked.

“It’s good”, he said, “really good.”

And then he finished it all in about 60 seconds.  And got up from the table, and got another one.

And the next night, he had a tangelo.  And he proclaimed that good too.

Wow.  Who knew that the citrus universe would open up for The Fruit Hater in such a joyous manner.

Next up, berries.

January 3, 2011

Helpful Links for Healthy Eating

Two articles caught my eye in browsing the web…wanted to share them with you.

1. Cooking Light is sponsoring a Year-Long Health Habits Program.  For January, the goal is “Eat More Fruits and Vegetables” — there’s a great motivator calendar you can link to here for inspiration.  Today’s tip, bring in a piece of fruit for snack.  Family Foodie’s current favorite: clementines!  Not local, but oh, so good…and good for you.

2. And, Mark Bittman encourages us all to start cooking more in order to support sustainability, and describes three basic recipes that will take all of us far (lentils and rice are simmering on my stove as I type…).  The article is here, Lentils and Rice recipe here.  What is great about Bittman is that he shows how easy it is to make variations on a theme.

January 1, 2011

Be It Resolved

…that the Family Foodie will explore the plethora of ethnic grocers that abound in our neighborhood, and consider how global can be local;

  • El Chapparal
  • The German Gourmet
  • Grand Mart
  • Vietnamese markets in/near The Eden Center
  • Halal and Lebanese markets
  • and many others that I can’t name off the top of my head.

…that the Family Foodie will CSA again, and expand into the fall season;

…that the Family Foodie will continue to reduce food waste in our house;


…that the Picky Eater will contine to expand her food horizons (okay that is actually her resolution, not ours…).

The plan, of course, is to continue to write about the food adventures that result from these.

Happy New Year All!

**Photo credits – thanks to Yelp and The Eden Center.

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