Be It Resolved

…that the Family Foodie will explore the plethora of ethnic grocers that abound in our neighborhood, and consider how global can be local;

  • El Chapparal
  • The German Gourmet
  • Grand Mart
  • Vietnamese markets in/near The Eden Center
  • Halal and Lebanese markets
  • and many others that I can’t name off the top of my head.

…that the Family Foodie will CSA again, and expand into the fall season;

…that the Family Foodie will continue to reduce food waste in our house;


…that the Picky Eater will contine to expand her food horizons (okay that is actually her resolution, not ours…).

The plan, of course, is to continue to write about the food adventures that result from these.

Happy New Year All!

**Photo credits – thanks to Yelp and The Eden Center.


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