Spring Sowing

April is here, and it’s time to get the garden going.  We’re a bit late for lettuce, but we had a miserable end of March weatherwise, so I think it’s a good thing we were a bit slow on getting started. It’s mild and partly sunny today – a great day to put in our cool weather leafy greens. A visit to one of our favorite gardening stores and a thoughtful reflection on what we expect our CSA to bring starting June 7th guided us as we decided what to plant.  Because we like to eat salad every night, we thought that a $23 investment would certainly pay off (especially since lettuce at the market is typically $5.00 a bag – which is just enough to accompany one meal for our family). As you can see, we hope to be eating lots of green and red and yellow plants come May and June. But before we could plant, we needed to ready the field, or rather, our small garden plot outside the kitchen door.  The bulk of this space will be for our tomato plants, but the edge nearest the door and footpath is perfect for cilantro and lettuce. We planted the barrels first, with arugula and a sweet salad lettuce mix.

Which need to be watered, of course.

In front of those barrels, we planted Lolla Rosa lettuce, raddicho (at the request of The Picky Eater), and spinach.

And opposite those, fronting the to-be-planted tomato area, some cilantro, and additional mesclun mixes.

Around front, where we have some room for trellises, we are going to try to grow two new kinds of cucumbers from seeds. A small one called, Marketmore, and a nifty yellow cucumber from southeast Asia.  We hope these take – but if not, we’ll try to buy additional small Persian cucumber plants – since we adore those and they are all eaten like candy….

Now it’s time to wait for the little sprouts to emerge.  And to continue to nurture them and watch them grow.


One Comment to “Spring Sowing”

  1. sounds like there might be well fed bunnies and deer this year! yumyum!

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