Highlights from the Family Foodie

Arugula sprouted first….and other greens aren’t far behind!! Little raddichio and spinach sprouts have also been sighted….

Sometimes we need to have pie before dinner…local apples, not so local strawberries

And my mom and sister know well my love of food….two new cookbooks for my collection!!!

I know that I’ve changed as a cook — because the first thing I looked at was the sauces and condiments.  Preserved Lemons here I come, y tambien Salsa Quemada o Frijoles Negros or maybe some Red Onion and Herb Fry Bread….but I’m not sure where to find fiddlehead ferns.  Something to search for at the market…

Oh, right, maybe I should stop dreaming about dinner and make something for mi familia.


2 Comments to “Highlights from the Family Foodie”

  1. So, who exactly is responsible for the terrific pie? And where did you plant the fava beans?

    • The man of the house, aka Rob, is responsible for all pies shown on this blog :)! And the fava beans come from our CSA.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re enjoying our adventures in food!

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