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May 25, 2011

Lettuce Among Us

So we planted lots of seeds about 6 weeks ago.  And our plants have been growing — but nothing has been ready for harvesting EXCEPT our lettuce.  For the past two weeks or so, we have been enjoying back yard salads every night.  And tonight was the first night that we were able to make a salad for five using only the lettuce and arugula from our garden.

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May 14, 2011

Will Travel For Local Foods: American Terroir

American Terroir book cover

I want Rowan Jacobsen’s job, or at the very least I want my local eating to come with a travel budget.  I read this book over several weeks, a chapter a night before bed. The result?  A long list of places to visit, and websites to boot. Instead of sugar plum dreams, my dreams were filled with images and imagined aromas of maple syrup, coffee, apples and cider, honey, mussels and potatoes, forest foraging, oysters, salmon, avocados, wine, cheese, and chocolate.

Everything that is way up high on my love-to-eat list is written about poetically in this book. Sweet and savory are both featured. In every chapter, Jacobsen takes the reader through the intrinsic link of flavor to immediate local environments that I hadn’t quite grasped before.  I mean, I certainly know that I love the intensity of flavors of farmer’s market strawberries, and there is nothing like the crisp coolness of a freshly picked cucumber, but the fact that the distinctiveness of an oyster’s flavor can be traced to the beach on which it was found, well, that was novel to me.

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May 7, 2011

The Blandy Experience

The man of the house arrived back from a conference in NYC at 2 am, the twins had to be at school for a band trip at 6 am, but the morning dawned clear and crisp.  What should the adults do with their gift of a day? After a few more hours of shut eye, and a quick spin to the farmers’ market, it was decided.  A drive in the country…to a plant sale at the State Arboretum of Virginia, a.k.a. the Blandy Experimental Farm.

A friend had recommended the sale, and the conditions were perfect, so off we went!

The man of the house is always interested in plants and he was seeking some new herbs to add to our newly expanded herb garden, as well as shrubs for the hill, and anything else novel.  There were certainly many plants that you would see in your average nursery, but quite a lot of novel varieties that he hadn’t yet encountered.

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