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June 19, 2011

Epi Meet CSA

So time flies when you are part of a CSA (and a weekly farmers’ market goer). Instead of discussing where to eat, I find myself engaged in many conversations about what to make with the overflowing abundance of produce in my house.

And while I really enjoy those conversations, and love browsing through the many cookbooks that adorn my bookshelves, I have found myself a convert to the Epicurious app that was the first I downloaded to my NookColor.


Why, you may say, would I pay for an app, when I can get all the information for free on the website?  Well, I will tell you that my laptop does not travel with me to work on the Metro, but my NookColor does.  And, like the best computer recipe sites, the app allows you to list out ingredients, and it will pull up all the recipes that it has with the combination of ingredients you are seeking to use. And so, I can download all the recipes that I am considering that include Swiss chard, or fava beans, or sorrel, and figure out which one to make tonight!!

So far, I have made a salad with fava beans, purple potatoes, and  sugar snap peas;

figured out that Swiss chard stalks lend themselves quite well to grilling;

and used the Swiss chard leaves to make Roasted Garbanzo Beans and Garlic with Swiss Chard.

And I know that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship….

June 9, 2011

Green is Good: Our CSA Season Begins

The first CSA delivery of the season brought many things that are green. Salad will continue to be featured, but what will I do with the first summer squash of the season?

1 bag mixed lettuce leaves

2 heads of beautiful red leafed lettuce

1 bunch rainbow Swiss chard

1 bunch sorrel

2 zucchini

garlic curls

1 bunch green garlic

1 bag fava beans

1 bunch beets


What to do with our first delivery?  For me, it is the abundance of options that I love. So, I spent some time on my NookColor with Epicurious exploring swiss chard, and sorrel, fava bean, and zucchini options.

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June 3, 2011

Countdown to CSA Pickup No. 1

Some of our readers may remember that we asked for some feedback back in February as we considered whether to rejoin our CSA or not. Well, as you can probably tell by our header we decided to jump in again. We have purchased a regular summer share and mini fall share from Potomac Vegetable Farms. And now I’m getting excited. Our first pickup is June 7th….and although my family can’t quite figure out why I’m so excited, let me just say that I am!

The variety of produce in the markets has really started to increase  
and by the status of the early veggies we are growing,
I think we’ll have a plethora of greens in our first bag.
And it’s fun to know that our farm is getting ready too!
Anyone else excited about their first CSA pickup or delivery??
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June 2, 2011

Hello ChooseMyPlate, Good-Bye MyPyramid


What do I like about the new USDA plate?

First, fruits and veggies are half of this plate.  We like that.

Second, meat has been replace by protein. Makes a lot of sense to me.  We are already enjoying exploring the many different sources of protein in our diet.

Third, if you go to the USDA site, and click on each of the sections, you are taken to resources that give you many examples of what fits into each category.

And the 10 Tips Pages have lots of great ideas about how to incorporate these guidelines into your daily life.   I especially liked the one for encouraging kids to eat more fruits and veggies. Their number one idea, smoothies, is a favorite in our household.

What do I need to know more about?…How many of these plates are we supposed to eat a day? Is this a three-plate-a-day plan? Or a six-plate-a-day?!?! What about plate size?

Overall, though, my first look through the materials leave me with a smile, and some helpful tips that I will try to integrate into our eating.

I’d love to hear what others think.  Comment away!

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