Countdown to CSA Pickup No. 1

Some of our readers may remember that we asked for some feedback back in February as we considered whether to rejoin our CSA or not. Well, as you can probably tell by our header we decided to jump in again. We have purchased a regular summer share and mini fall share from Potomac Vegetable Farms. And now I’m getting excited. Our first pickup is June 7th….and although my family can’t quite figure out why I’m so excited, let me just say that I am!

The variety of produce in the markets has really started to increase  
and by the status of the early veggies we are growing,
I think we’ll have a plethora of greens in our first bag.
And it’s fun to know that our farm is getting ready too!
Anyone else excited about their first CSA pickup or delivery??
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2 Comments to “Countdown to CSA Pickup No. 1”

  1. I’d be excited too! I’m not doing a full-deal, get-what-you-get CSA just yet (although I do love mine!), but when my kids are older and I know which way is up again, I’m dying to do that and just have the surprise and the challenge. So heck, I’m excited for you. 🙂

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