Epi Meet CSA

So time flies when you are part of a CSA (and a weekly farmers’ market goer). Instead of discussing where to eat, I find myself engaged in many conversations about what to make with the overflowing abundance of produce in my house.

And while I really enjoy those conversations, and love browsing through the many cookbooks that adorn my bookshelves, I have found myself a convert to the Epicurious app that was the first I downloaded to my NookColor.


Why, you may say, would I pay for an app, when I can get all the information for free on the website?  Well, I will tell you that my laptop does not travel with me to work on the Metro, but my NookColor does.  And, like the best computer recipe sites, the app allows you to list out ingredients, and it will pull up all the recipes that it has with the combination of ingredients you are seeking to use. And so, I can download all the recipes that I am considering that include Swiss chard, or fava beans, or sorrel, and figure out which one to make tonight!!

So far, I have made a salad with fava beans, purple potatoes, and  sugar snap peas;

figured out that Swiss chard stalks lend themselves quite well to grilling;

and used the Swiss chard leaves to make Roasted Garbanzo Beans and Garlic with Swiss Chard.

And I know that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship….


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