It tastes like pumpkin pie….

…said The Picky Eater as she tasted the yellow and green summer squash at dinner last night. This was not what I had expected. First, that she was willing to try it, and second, that she would like it enough to have seconds. All I did was slice the squash imto medallions, brush with olive oil, sprinkle liberally with garam masala, and broil for about 10 minutes or so. Such an unremarkable preparation that I didn’t even take a picture!

And then I decided to press my luck even further and asked if she would try the fingerling potatoes from our CSA and garden. Simply boiled and tossed with butter. And you know what? She liked them. And took seconds.

This is why we garden and CSA. I don’t think she would have tried them if they’d come from the store.

Who knows what tonight will bring?


2 Comments to “It tastes like pumpkin pie….”

  1. this gives me hope. my 8yo picky eater is unwilling to even ~try~ most things….

    • Keep on hoping…I never thought we’d get there! Now there are still lots of things she won’t eat – including anything casserole like, but there is definite improvement!

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