Eating Local on the Road

Last month, it was summer, and we were on the road. Driving north with three hungry kids (a teen and two pretty darn close to teens), food was a primary topic of conversation.  Not so much when are we going to eat… but where are we going to eat…. Since the Family Foodie parental units are also invested in food, and local food to boot, eating was one of a shared focus of the journey.  Let me share with you some of the highlights of our journey.

Fish from Lake Erie.

We do not prepare seafood often at home. But while on our boat tour of Lake Erie from Presque Isle, our race car driving, engineering student, ice fishing narrator told us all that the best Erie perch and walleye was to be found at Syd’s Place.  Although we had packed hamburgers from the Farmer’s Market by our house to grill at the park, it was raining by nightfall, and we thought that maybe we should try Syd’s.  So, we drove over to Syd’s, and were greeted by a rainbow fish (picture taken the following sun-filled morning), and aromas of the sea.

And the fish was incredibly fresh and mouth-wateringly delicious.  The man of the house had his walleye blackened, I had mine lemon peppered, and Zeke had his perch fried.  Our tour guide was right and it set us off on a wonderful food journey. (Just, FYI…the Picky Eater had chicken nuggets, and the Eldest had veal….not in the local space…).

Farmland on the shores of Lake Erie.

As we drove along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail through upstate New York on our way to Niagara, we saw many vineyards and orchards…

but since the plan was to head up to Canada, we didn’t purchase any wine or fruit on the way….we just took in the vistas….

and goose eggs (we think)…

St. Lawrence Market, Toronto.

When in Toronto, you will eat well.  Another blog will need to take you through the restaurants we visited, but let me share with you images of the St. Lawrence market where you can find all kinds of local foods.  The St. Lawrence Market was our first stop, and I will say that if we lived in Toronto, I would absolutely find a way to go to this market weekly. In fact, we enjoyed our stop there on Weekend 1 so much that we returned on Weekend 2 to purchase more deliciousness to bring home.

You can buy meat,

and cheese,

and fish,

and fruits,

(Okay so the bananas can’t possibly be local….)

and veggies,

and crepes!

How can you go wrong?

And if you’re going to take a ferry to the Islands to visit Lake Ontario, you can buy some sausage rolls and latkes and Ontario peaches for lunch….

And you can be very very content….


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