Cool Kitchens Created For Cooking and Conversation

When you are constructing a less than a 1000 square foot home for the Solar Decathlon, and one of the ten contests that you will compete in is a home entertainment contest, and one of the features that you will be judged on is:

“Holding two dinner parties for neighbors, who award the host team points based on the quality of the meal, ambiance, and overall experience.”

your kitchen/dining area becomes a critical design feature.

Many many of the kitchens had the potential to fulfill this goal, but a few of my favorites are featured below.

While some visitors to West Potomac Park are attentive to the energy efficiencies of the appliances, and the water conservation capacity of the kitchen sink, I found myself drawn to the open footprints that the kitchens featured, where kitchen counters opened onto dining and living areas, like the vision of the 4D Home of Team Massachusetts,

and incredible tile work makes you want to live in the kitchen, whether in New England,

or in Canada,

or on the other side of the world,

and open shelving featured jars filled with food (the shelving below and kitchen above are from First Light House of New Zealand),

and nifty tables incorporated storage or were easy to store away.

I came away with lots of ideas, (and a renewed appreciation of all that an Ikea kitchen can be).  The visions for what my 1940s original kitchen could become are dancing in my dreams.  Don’t all of these kitchens just make you want to start cooking?

So if the gardens aren’t enough to draw you downtown this weekend, maybe the kitchens will.


2 Comments to “Cool Kitchens Created For Cooking and Conversation”

  1. Thanks for sharing these last two posts! I really wanted to go see these, but – sigh – stuff like this just isn’t in the cards for me right now; our weekends are spent making the rounds of birthday parties with the little people … anyway, these pictures are really inspiring. 🙂

    • A new group of homes will be here next summer! Most of the homes have great websites, so you can visit vicariously this time! And, I do remember those birthday party filled days – enjoy them – because before you know it, they’ll be taller than you and wanting to hang out at the mall with their friends!

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