Day One Towards Zero: We’re Not Quite There Yet.

So, a couple of things to note on this first day of our effort to zero food waste.

First, remember that coffee grounds should be composted. When you are in a routine, and you are a bleary-eyed morning person, it’s very likely that your coffee grounds from yesterday will hit the trash BEFORE you remember that they are food waste and have another use …

Second, remember to tell your dear husband that you have proclaimed it zero food waste week in our household, so that he knows that the handful of peas that didn’t make it into the omelets this morning should have been repurposed…and thank him for unwittingly participating in the zero food waste challenge by making omelets that used up left-over grilled veggies and one of the tomatoes that needed eating and incorporating one of the seen-better-day bananas into a “splorch” snack (a smoothie w/o any dairy).

Third, it’s okay to look in the trash can (which is mostly empty of food waste – except for those blessed peas) and take out the two lime peels that contributed the lime juice to the splorch and put them into the disposal and grind them all up — freshening the disposal naturally.

Lessons for tomorrow:

(1) To forestall bleary-eyed errors, empty the coffee grounds into the compost before you go to bed.  Bonus: your pot is ready for new grounds in the morning!

(2) Think about a scrap bin to put compostable items in as food preparation happens….

***Thanks to Microsoft Office for the image…


2 Comments to “Day One Towards Zero: We’re Not Quite There Yet.”

  1. We do keep a small covered bin next to the sink for composting– it is a big help during food prep, as well as the whole pre- caffeine coffee ground thing. I have to watch it closely for fruit flies, though.
    Sounds like a decent first day! I finally managed to get a post up about our first two days.

  2. Yes it is always a good day when it involves composting coffee grounds!

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