If You Stop and Think Before You Toss Your Leftovers,

it’s amazing what you can do.

We have spent the last week trying to reduce our food waste in a serious way.

We composted routinely – greens, apple peels, egg shells, coffee grounds, the soft veggies that remain after you make a veggie stock.

We made a list of what was in our veggie drawer, and made a point to cook with what was in the drawers.

We didn’t do a regular grocery shop, but used what was in our fridge and freezer and pantry.

We put our leftovers into lunch-box-sized tupperware so that they would more easily be included in next day lunches.

And you know what? We ate well.

Our menu this week included:

  • omelettes and banana bread
  • zucchini, tomato, and feta casserole
  • cauliflower and potato curry
  • roasted broccoli and red onion
  • steak salad
  • pork butt steaks
  • roast chicken
  • chicken noodle soup with corn bread (using the carcass from the roast  chicken, of course)
  • pasta with butter and parmesan
  • apple pie
And more not recorded here.
It is amazing how a simple challenge posted on a fellow blogger’s site can set revolutionary change in action.  But I guess that’s what Blog Action Day is all about, right?

So, before you put the lemon rinds in the garbage, think “Can I grind these in the disposal so that the disposal will smell lemony fresh?”

And when you’re done preparing the broccoli, take the time to put the stalks into a freezer bag, and make veggie stock over the weekend.

And remember that the stale baguette makes a great bread pudding.

Your fridge will thank you, as will your wallet, and you can reduce your contribution to the unbelievably large problem of  food waste.


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