What I Eat: A Read Around The World

Over the past few weeks, I have dipped my mind into a lovely table top book called What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets. This visual feast takes you into the lives of 80 individuals across the planet whose daily intake ranges from starvation to unbelievable amounts. Each featured person has a typical day’s diet, with accompanying calories, and pictures! I found myself wondering where the calories all came from because there was not a direct correlation between the number of items in a picture and the calories consumed. Flour-based products, and sugar appear to add much to the calories consumed. And, of course, the more meat and more processed food in a daily diet, the higher the calorie consumption. I was struck by how variable the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed was – as well as the degree to which those fruits and vegetables were eaten in raw or cooked form. 

I know that my diet would look similar to some, and very different from others represented in the book.  It does make you wonder though… 

And as I read more about the authors, I realized that they have also published an earlier book about what families eat in a week — that is now on my “to-read” list — Hungry Planet: What The World Eats. What would your family’s diet for a week look like?

Maybe I’ll give that a whirl — but AFTER Thanksgiving!


One Comment to “What I Eat: A Read Around The World”

  1. I have both of those books! Totally love them. The thing that always strikes me is the packaging – or lack thereof – in the pictures. Some families’ diets seem to consist entirely of processed and wrapped items; others look farm-fresh. And just that one difference kind of boggles my mind.

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