What The Picky Eater Has to Say…

This is what my daughter posted on her Facebook tonight about dinner (no editing done on my part!).  I try, but I don’t always succeed….Sigh.

ok so my moms like “if u dont want to eat what we make for dinner u make ur own!” so i dnt want the soup they made so i had to make my own, u c, i suck at making most foods so i cudnt think of anything easy tht i wanted to eat to make a long story short..er i got my dad to make me grilled ham and cheese 😉 ily daddy

More on the dinner we made tomorrow, but sometimes all I can say is “Really?”

2 Responses to “What The Picky Eater Has to Say…”

  1. too funny. remember that kids cookbook we had when we were kids? maddie sounds like she might need one of those. how to make the easiest things in the world. of course, this would also involve your husband doing his part! 🙂


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