The Gift of (A Little Bit Longer To Make) Soup

So last night, the man of my dreams and I were having a glass of wine and looking at what we had in the cabinets and fridge and decided to make some soup. The  temperature outside has become colder and so something warm was called for. We had some ham “trimmings” that my father-in-law had brought from his favorite store outside of Harrisonburg (nothing like local ham…), and some onions and celery left over from Thanksgiving, and broth in the freezer, and many different versions of lentils/beans.

But which of the lentils/beans to use?

After assessing available quantities and time (it was about 7:30 pm), we thought that we would use our (organic) split peas … because really a split pea and ham soup sounded great.

So we chopped, and diced, and put everything in the pot, brought to a boil and left it to simmer.

While it simmered, I made a loaf of bread using this nifty new mix from Fleischmann’s.

At 8:30  pm, we checked the soup.

It was not ready – al dente split peas is not our goal.

But the loaf of bread was ready.

At 9:00 pm, we checked again.

Softer, but not soft enough.

At that point, the natives were beginning to get restless.

So, we sliced the bread and enjoyed fresh warm bread with butter.

And the Picky Eater got her ham and cheese.

By 9:30 or so, it was clear that the spilt peas had gotten the best of us.

The boys were starving, and the parents really needed some food too.

So, the man of house made grilled cheese and proscuitto sandwiches for us all.

And we all went to bed content.

But tonight, when it was even colder outside, the ham and split pea soup (which was finallly read to eat around 10:15 pm last night), warmed up quite nicely and was served with nan instead of the freshly-baked loaf.

But dinner was done by 8:15 pm, and it looks like the teens might get to bed before 11 tonight … so last night’s debacle became tonight’s gift.


3 Comments to “The Gift of (A Little Bit Longer To Make) Soup”

  1. I have had experiences like that with dried beans– not fun! It looks good, though, when it was finally finished. 🙂

  2. Split pea and ham soup does sound delicious. And what a great gift — isn’t it great when something doesn’t work out the way we planned, but turns into an even better gift instead? Looking forward to following your blog during this December “Gifts” challenge.

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