Food Trucks: A Gift For Me

It is Friday. And I needed to go to the bank at lunch.  I usually pack my lunch and don’t head outside until the end of the work day (I know, not a good thing), so I was a bit surprised at the multiple food trucks that magically appeared outside of my office.  For those of you who work in D.C., you know that we are becoming a food truck city.  I have not explored many food truck options, but today, The Hula Girl Truck called out to me.

I could have gotten something from the LasagnaPlusTruck, or the pulled pork truck, or Eat Wonky, or one of the two middle eastern trucks.  But I was drawn in by the truck itself — playing wonderful Hawaiian music videos and spreading smiles — and sticky rice was just what I wanted.

So I ordered the Kulua Pork and Cabbage, and took it back to my office, and told everyone about it at lunch :)!

A great way to end the week, and celebrate the beginning of the weekend! I fear that I might have to get myself outside at lunchtime more often.


2 Comments to “Food Trucks: A Gift For Me”

  1. I am sorry to say that we have nothing like this here (middle of nowhere — really — Texas) but it sure does look good. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you! 🙂

  2. Thank you for coming out to Hula Girl!! Glad we could get you a good lunch!

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