Challenge: Eating Local in the Winter

Not only have I decided to join the NaBloPoMo December Challenge, where I have committed to write a post each day for the month of December, but I have decided to jump on into the Dark Days Challenge. The goal of the Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge is to cook one meal each week until the end of March featuring SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) ingredients, and write about it on my blog.  Eating locally is something we try to do as much as we can. In the summer it is pretty easy to do. We have weekly farmer’s markets, our CSA, and our local butcher shop. But as the days get shorter, eating locally requires a bit more thought. But not as much as you might think. We are fortunate to live in an area where our farmer’s markets are year round. So, all year we can have access to local and sustainably raised meat and eggs. We typically get our Saturday morning bacon and eggs from Smith Meadows Farm.

And we can get more cuts of pork from Ciobola Farms (buffalo too).

I can even get hot dogs for the Picky Eater.

Vegetables are not a problem, of course,

nor are dairy products. Cheese and milk and butter and yogurt are available from multiple purveyors.

Fresh herbs are still available,

And mushrooms too!

Apples and cider are highlights this time of year.

And, there is bread too. But it is here that I will have to pause. Although Atwater’s makes wonderful bread, and is make well within the 100 mile radius, I am not sure where the grain for the bread comes from, and whether it would count as truly local.

And for what I can’t find at the market, I can check to see if it’s available at The Local Market, a new neighborhood haunt.

I have the resources available.  Now, just to make it all come together in a single meal….that’s not breakfast!


2 Comments to “Challenge: Eating Local in the Winter”

  1. I’m glad you’re joining the challenge! (and I am a little jealous of what you can still get at the market!)
    We will totally be doing breakfast for dinner for some meals for this challenge, since we do that normally almost once a week. 😉 It makes everyone happy and I try to do that at least a few times a week.
    If you join the google group there has been a big discussion about flour– I bet it can help you figure out a local resource. I have been stumped on that as well, since I can only find a few farmers growing wheat in Maine and they all sell directly to bakeries. I am going to try cooking with buckwheat since I can get that. Some of the folks doing the challenge make an exemption for flour from their larger region, too.

    • We are very fortunate about all we can still get – it did make it easier for me to make the committment. And I can definitely foresee breakfast for dinner too! I will definitly check out the google group because grains are going to be my biggest challenge. Should be fun!

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