A Salad for the Dark Days

Our first Dark Days Challenge dinner is a salad.  I know, a salad is not perhaps the first meal that one thinks of as a dark days meal. But it was in the mid-60s today, and we had a big lunch buffet for the football game, so salad sounded awesome.

We started with lettuce, cilantro, and dill from the veggie stand next to the crepe stand at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market, supplemented with arugula, and mizuna, and bitter watercress from our garden.

Boiled some eggs from Smith Meadows Farm (in Berryville, VA, 61.5 miles from home).

Sauteed some red onions and green beans from the market in butter from Blue Ridge Dairy Farm (cheese is produced in Leesburg, VA, about 33 miles away, cows produce the milk in Carroll County, MD, about 58 miles away).

Topped it with some thinly sliced beef from the aforementioned Smith Meadows Farm, and some feta cheese from Fields of Grace Farm (in Remington, VA about 56 miles away).

Voila. Steak Salad a la Nicoise!

Our dressing was Annie’s Woodstock – not SOLE – but I’m considering this to be in our spices exception.

It was delicious!


9 Responses to “A Salad for the Dark Days”

  1. Oh yum!! We are just heading into Summer here in Australia but nothing beats a good, warm, hearty meal with fresh produce. 🙂

  2. Yum. You’re getting hard-core 🙂 I like this dark days challenge! I always get excited when I can pull off a totally local meal.

  3. @ Michelle, indeed! I guess the Dark Days Challenge doesn’t mean the same thing in the southern hemisphere?! Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Bethesda Locavore. Challenges are motivating me these days – but I must say that when I went to the market and saw how many options there still were, I almost felt like I was cheating!

  4. What a beautiful salad. Love all the links to your local resources. thanks! Sincerely, Emily

  5. What a beautiful salad!

  6. So nice to meet another DC-area Dark Days participant! I’ve been getting my stuff from many of the same vendors–Blue Ridge Creamery, Cibola Farms–it’s great! I think in another post you mentioned Atwater’s Bakery–on their website they list a couple of family-run farms for their flour sources. They’re in SC and PA, which are outside the 100-mile radius for us, but I’ve decided that their methods are in keeping with the spririt of this challenge, so I’ll probably use them if I have to have bread with a SOLE meal. I don’t know of many wheat producers in VA or MD. And I can’t bake. 🙂 Good luck with the Challenge!

    • Ooh! If you are going to “give me permission” to go with Atwater’s, I will so jump on that bandwagon. We routinely get one or two loaves every Saturday morning…of course, I’m not sure that those loaves will remain unconsumed long enough to be part of one of our Dark Days meals. I think I’ll have to do a breakfast meal at least once. Looking forward to following your blog too.


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