A Teen in the Kitchen

When I worked in the food industry as a teen, Domino’s and Bob’s Big Boy were my employers.  I delivered pizzas and waited tables. My roles were well defined. I learned how to fit into a corporate model.

But when my eldest turned 16 this summer, he decided to try his hand as a food runner at our local corner market — which has now become the home of an awesome beer haus and cafe — and houses our local butcher — selling local and sustainable meat.  He has now become a member of the kitchen team, and is learning about making delicious food.

Needless to say, this foodie mom sends her son off to work with a smile.

The eldest is learning about important things like what meat looks like before it’s sliced into smaller cuts for sale,

like what ingredients go into homemade coleslaw,

and what else you need to make an extraordinary Rueben.

He’s learning where fresh fish comes from in the greater DC area,

and how long it takes to make pulled pork.

He’s also learning about how much it takes to create and maintain a successful small local business.

I think that he is receiving more gifts than he can possibly realize — and I, for one, am glad he convinced his mom to let him give it a try.


2 Responses to “A Teen in the Kitchen”

  1. What a great job!! Those are great things to learn.


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