Happy St. Nick’s Night To One And All

When I married my husband, I married into the tradition of St. Nicholas. Every December 6th, St. Nicholas visits the houses of young ones, and with a loud knock on the door delivers a bag filled with treats.

Even though my children are now teenagers, and participate in spreading the joy of St. Nick to their cousins, they still wait to see if their bags will still be delivered.

And because most of us want to recapture the joy of the Christmas season in our kids, we have (mostly) willingly gone along.

The knock on the door came, and there were bags.

And in the bags were an unknown fruit

and chestnuts

and local pickled green beans and asparagus.

Of course, the bags included exotic candy and small fun gifts to kick the holiday season off.

And the smiles of the kids tell you all you need to know about why we continue the tradition.

So, here’s wishing joy to you and yours.


One Comment to “Happy St. Nick’s Night To One And All”

  1. Wishing lots of joy right back at you!

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