Fruit in the Winter

My favorite article featured on Freshly Pressed today is … Wreck This Journal — Fruit Stickers … It really struck home with me because of my own shopping adventure this morning.  We missed the farmer’s market, but did go to our new Trader Joe’s…and one of the the first things that we noticed were the clamshells full of raspberries and blueberries and blackberries. Where, we wondered, had they come from? Certainly not from anyplace around here. Although I wasn’t collecting fruit stickers today, I was thinking about where these berries hailed from. Someplace just a bit more southerly than where we are.

I do agree that fruit in winter is the biggest challenge that the Family Foodie faces. We all love fruit, and in winter fresh fruit is an amazing treat.  Clementines, oranges, bananas, lemons, and limes are easy to rationalize as fruits that are not produced and never will be produced in our local area. So local isn’t an option, so we don’t deny ourselves.

But berries are a harder choice for this family.  We love berries, and when berries are in season here – we gorge on them – and we are very sad when the local season is over. So when you walk into your local Trader Joe’s and you see berries that look delicious, it is hard to turn and walk away from them.  It’s not hard when the berries look small or dry or green, but when they are round and luscious and it is 40 degrees outside, it takes strength of will not to buy.

I do not know that I can make an entire winter without, but I will say that today we left the store without berries but with clementines, and returned to our local apples in the kitchen.  May will be here soon, right?


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