A Quick SOLE Dinner: Dark Days Challenge Week 2

A quick and easy meal for the dark days is necessary on Monday night. Monday night is music night in our house, and between piano lessons, and guitar lessons, and play practice, I needed something simple for dinner tonight. Oh, and I needed to do my SOLE meal for Week 2 of my Dark Days 2011 challenge.

In the cupboard, I had one large sweet potato — I mean really really large — from our gleaning activity that we did the end of October.

In the vegetable drawer, I had a head of broccoli from our visit to the farmer’s market last week.

And, in the fridge, we had two Stachowski Brand kielbasa that my working teen brought home from BBQ night at the Westover Market. Excellent side benefit.

So, we cubed and roasted the sweet potatoes tossed with (non-local) olive oil in a 450 degree oven with a sprinkling of dried orange mint from our garden and a little bit of salt.

And we sauteed the broccoli in local butter and with garlic from the farmer’s market, served with a splash of (non-local) lemon.

And, we sliced and pan fried the Polish kielbasa.

I put out some leftover organic basmati for the kids, and poured a glass of Barboursville Virginia Chardonnay (97.9 miles) for the grownups. The tale of Barboursville will need to wait for another night…

Dinner is served.

6 Responses to “A Quick SOLE Dinner: Dark Days Challenge Week 2”

  1. Yum! Great looking dinner and Barboursville! I love their wines, particularly their Italian varietals.

  2. What a great meal. I love seeing your local sources too. We have a few local wineries nearby – I NEED to seriously check into them. Thanks for reminding me! Sincerely, Emily


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