Meatless Monday Goes All Local — Dark Days Challenge Meal 4

Okay – my weeks are all off, and so I am going to count my meals (and hope to catch back up with weeks soon)!

Lots of wonderful family and entertainment over the holidays has set back my planning and prepping and writing time (although it has in no way impeded my eating and drinking time….). But we have a brief lull, and I thought I’d best to my all local meal today before work/school/return of my favorite Denver-based family re-occurred.

Yesterday, it was, as many of you know, Meatless Monday. In keeping with that tradition, and reflecting the reality of the local food currently in my fridge we made for dinner:

Leek Potato Soup

Roasted Green Beans and Radishes

Red-Cooked Cabbage

Almost Homemade Bread (with a little help from Fleischman’s Simply Homemade)

The leeks and potatoes came from the farmer’s market week before last, and the veggie broth had been made earlier in the week from the bag of frozen ends of veggies that had been in the freezer accumulating since the summer. With some additional garlic and thyme, it was lovely…ready to accept additional seasonings as required by different members of the foodie family.  For me, the most favorite thing about making this soup was that I got to inaugurate my brand new immersion blender.  Really, I am asking myself, why have I not acquired one of these before?  I am very happy with my Christmas gift.

Roasting green beans and radishes in some olive oil and sea salt provided some great additional flavor — both from the farmer’s market as well.

And the red-cooked cabbage was, well, cabbage. This is one of the heads remaining from our fall CSA  — still remarkably flavorful and bright green.  I thought that I would cook it in this cool Asian style way. So, I braised it and started to add the various required seasonings — only to quickly realize that (a) I had no Chinese rice wine or sherry, (b) was out of rice vinegar, and (c) was out of sesame oil too.  Substituting Horton’s chocolate wine Rojo Xoco for (a) meant that we kept to our local challenge, but really overwhelmed the flavor of this dish.  So, next time, when I have all the ingredients that I’m supposed to have, we’ll try it again and then include the recipe….

And what was great is that The Picky Eater really loved everything (except the Red Cabbage…)!


6 Responses to “Meatless Monday Goes All Local — Dark Days Challenge Meal 4”

  1. looks good! I made a red cabbage and carrot salad recently that came out really well– I admit to not usually being a fan but both my husband and I really liked it (we won’t even get into the children…)

  2. Hi Liz – that looks like a great local meal. A lot of nice things make for a very nice meal. neat to see how you used your ingredients. Sincerely, Emily

  3. This all looks lovely. I love potato leek soup, but never make it. Maybe I should.


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