Taking the Local Milk Plunge

We did it. We decided to have milk (and eggs) delivered to our house from South Mountain Creamery.

The first delivery came on Thursday. I was in the midst of a long week at work  – conferences, meetings, dinners after work – but when I walked in the door Thursday night, all three of the kids greeted me with the same phrase: “Mom, that new milk is AWESOME!!!!”  This was not the response when we started our CSA, but is typically the response to produce and meat brought home from the farmer’s market.

So, I think that we are going to keep up with the milk…and who knows what else we might decide to add to our order!!!


4 Comments to “Taking the Local Milk Plunge”

  1. OK, I have that same bottle in my post about South Mountain 😉

    Don’t you love their non-homogenized cream on top whole milk? It is worth taking a Lactaid pill to have a little of that lovely milk. DH drinks it daily, and I use it in soups.

    I love their cheeses as well. The Swiss and the cheddar, both I use in salads. And, when summer market rolls around, I have to get their mozzarella.


  2. sounds delicious!!

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