Eating Local Can Be Easy…

A trip to a different farmer’s market on the way to Doughnut Day and a local dinner was the result!

Our normal farmer’s market day is Saturday. But with Friday being opening night of a play that the twins are part of, we have been at the theater for the past three Saturdays rehearsing and building and painting sets. But the play has now opened, so the set is built, and as we were heading to our Mardi Gras weekend party, we drove past one of the smaller farmer’s market in our neighborhood (just in our immediate Arlington/Falls Church area, we have three year-round weekend farmer’s markets — pretty lucky, I know!), and decided to stop in to see what was available. There were only about 8 stalls, but Smith Meadows was there, and there was a vegetable stall.

So, we g0t some sweet Italian sausage, some carrots, and some salad.

Quick boil of the carrots, served with melted butter and some local honey….

Chop up the onions (from the grocery store), cook the sausage in a frying pan with a little bit of water. When the water evaporates, add the onions, and enjoy the smell of frying onions!

Marry that with some red quinoa (organic) cooked just like rice in the rice cooker, some unsalted butter from South Mountain Creamery, … and voila, dinner!  Even the Picky Eater enjoyed it (especially once soy sauce could be added to the quinoa).

Sometimes, the SOLE dinner is the easiest one in the fridge.


5 Responses to “Eating Local Can Be Easy…”

  1. Hi Liz – I can smell the sausage and onions and the smell divine. It also reminds me I bought some local sausage and I need to get it out of the freezer and use it for one of my DDC meals (thanks for reminding me)! The red quinoa looks so rich nice. I have only used the lighter colored one. Great meal. Bet you are glad you stopped at that little markets. Hope the play is going well. Emily

  2. It was indeed divine! Can’t wait to see what you make with your sausage. And thanks for the good wishes about the play – so far so good. 3 shows down, 7 to go!

  3. Looks yummy. What are the three year round markets? I’m in Reston and I only know of the Falls Church market (which I’ve never been to) and the Leesburg market. I shop regularly at the Maple Avenue Market in Vienna, which is as good as a farmer’s market (maybe better since they’re open every day).

    • There is a Saturday morning market at Courthouse in Arlington – year round seafood! The other market we go to is the Columbia Pike market on Sunday morning – small but good! There is also a new market in Falls Church that is open every day – The Local Market. We are blessed to have so many choices!


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