Soup Solutions

When all of your family turns to you at the dinner table and asks, “Is there more?”, you know you’ve hit on a meal solution that works. This has happened not only once, but twice, with soups I’ve made over the past two weeks. Let me start with the most recent…

Tortellini in Lamb Broth

I have become obsessed with making broth from the dribs and drabs of meals. What started with turkey and chicken carcasses has progressed to any bones that happen to be in the house and any vegetable or herb ends that are in my “soup” bag in the freezer. This obsession has meant that I always have what I need to start a soup in my freezer. So tonight I walked home from the subway and thought about how chilly and damp it was – how happy I was for the veggies growing in our garden – and how it would be a great night for soup.

After engaging in a spirited conversation about which wizard would win in a battle (Gandalf vs. Yoda vs. Dumbledore), I asked how my assembled crew would feel about tortellini in lamb broth. To my surprise, they all, including the Picky Eater, responded enthusiastically. That is all I needed to move into the kitchen, and put the broth on to boil.

As the broth defrosted, I pulled out some frozen meatballs and 2 packages of tortellini (not local or homemade – just on sale and in my freezer), added some salt and seasonings to the broth, and cut up about 5 spears of asparagus from the farmer’s market.

While the soup simmered, I made a salad with lettuce from the market, set the table, making sure to set out the Parmesan Reggiano, and stirred the soup periodically.  I added the asparagus after about 15 minutes so that it didn’t overcook. After 20-25 minutes, the soup was done.

Several spoonfuls later, the requests for more started to surface (even from the Picky Eater — who’s soup did not include meatballs –).  Stop back tomorrow for the other recipe that drew accolades from the Family Foodie:  African-style Peanut-Chicken Soup with Rice and Scallions. 


2 Comments to “Soup Solutions”

  1. That looks like a wonderful soup. Glad everyone liked (I mean LOVED) it.

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