Signs of Spring – Happy Earth Day All!

Earth Day is cool and wet, but the day before Earth Day dawned sunny and warm. Signs of spring were everywhere.

1. The farmer’s market is filling out – no crepes yet, but our favorite produce vendors are back.

2. The colors of the market are changing. Now we see brilliant red,

and spring green,

and purple and white.

3. Our spring vegetables are leafing out.

The sugar snap peas have set out tendrils.

The arugula is almost ready to harvest.

And our lettuce isn’t far behind.

4. And we are grateful for the rain falling today that we need to keep this growing going!

Breakfast this morning featured the sweet sweet strawberries, and breakfast sausage from Stachowski’s, and some local cider.

What local food are you going to enjoy today?


6 Comments to “Signs of Spring – Happy Earth Day All!”

  1. beautiful! your pictures give me hope. 🙂
    radishes and haddock here, I think. I have some Maine berries frozen but it will be the end of June before we have fresh ones.

  2. Today I am going to try to do something with oxtail! I’ve never done it but my DH got it locally on Sunday and it’s waiting.

  3. All your photos are great. Those berries are so beautiful and juicy looking.

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