Why Do I Love Wednesdays?

Not because it is “hump day,” although I do appreciate the momentum toward the weekend.

But rather because I can open the paper in the morning, and start my day with reflections on food, and cooking, and eating….

This morning, I woke up to:

Grilled cabbage? With Udon noodles and cilantro. All of which are in my fridge. Check for a good start to grillin’ season.

Homemade mayonnaise? I have never really thought about making it from scratch. Two of my three big eaters are anti-mayonnaise, but… the description of dipping asparagus in this mayo until the bowl is clean has made me reconsider… and it’s a long weekend comin’ up.

Pressure cooker? Not necessarily convinced by the article, but this is one of those kitchen tools that keeps popping up in my “really need to think about trying list.”

See – this is why I like Wednesdays!

Anyone else out there like Wednesdays too?


11 Comments to “Why Do I Love Wednesdays?”

  1. I love Wednesdays- I only work a half day on Wednesdays, so it’s like a mini holiday in the middle of the week.

  2. When we visited Albania (Pete’s dad and his family there) in the early 90s, they made everything from scratch. Everything! The two most amazing from-scratch things were phyllo dough and mayonnaise. Yum….

  3. Yes! I love the Food section. I remember having a bit of an epiphany a while back and thinking, wow, the WaPo Food Section writers are my kind of people! I get more excited when they have articles with a farming/sustainability slant. Wednesdays are great!! When the kids let me actually read the paper … 🙂

    • My kids let me read the paper, but when I exclaim about something I’ve just read, I am usually rewarded with an eyeroll! Glad to know I’m not alone in loving the WaPo Food section :)!

  4. Trying to make mayonnaise from scratch is even higher on my list now – I just finished that ‘ode to homemade mayo’ section of the Tamar Adler book you recommended. But I have three ripe bananas in the fruit bowl, beckoning me to make banana bread…

  5. That is sounds like a neat section in your paper. We have a “taste” section on Sunday’s and I am now getting it from my neighbors when they are done reading it. I was going to make mayo during the DDC, but never did…. maybe for the SSFC. I love BLT’s with mayo, other than that, I don’t use it as much as I used to.

    • I miss it when I’m not at home! I love the idea of making mayo during the SSFC – we will use it to dip grilled veggies in although a BLT would make the boys happy too!

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